RTI Accessori


CB-8 Connecting Block


The CB-8 is an installation accessory designed to provide
convenient and reliable power connections for up to eight (8)
RTI in-wall keypads, touchpanels and other devices. In addition
to providing power, the CB-8 combines and routes the infrared
outputs from the touchpanels to a single output for connection
to an RTI control processor. It also carries two-way RS-485
communication between compatible RTI control processors and
in-wall controllers. Multiple CB-8 units can be daisy-chained for
connecting more than eight devices. A 4.3 Amp, 16VDC power
supply is included.



The CM-232 communication module provides an RS-232 interface to almost any RS-232 enabled device. It attaches to an RTI control system on one end, and a device’s DB-9 serial port connector on the other end. The CM-232 is capable of one-way transmission (no receive function is supported) of userdefined character or binary strings. These character strings, as well as the baud rate, parity, and bit structure are programmed using RTI’s TheaterTouch™ Designer software package.


CPB-1 Control Port Connecting Block


The CPB-1 Control Port Connecting Block provides a cost effective solution for one-room installations such as classrooms or boardrooms, that require an in-wall controller and both infrared and RS-232 control of local devices. The CPB-1 is the perfect accessory to any RTI in-wall controller to offer an advanced level of control over many of today’s electronic devices without the additional cost of an RTI control processor.



ECB-5 IR Emitter Connecting Block


The ECB-5 IR Emitter Connecting Block provides infrared expansion when used with RTI control processors, in-wall controllers, CB-4/CB-8 touchpanel connecting blocks, third party infrared repeater systems, etc. It has one infrared signal input and five output ports that allow the connection of up to five single or dual infrared emitters. It also has a sense input for monitoring the power status of a switched outlet, current sensor, light sensor, etc.



ZM-24 2.4GHz Transceiver Module

The ZM-24 transceiver module provides bi-directional communication between two-way enabled RTI remote controls and control processors utilizing Zigbee® wireless communication. Capable of being configured in two different modes, the ZM-24 can be hard-wired directly to a control processor or be used as a wireless repeater device to create an ultra-reliable, self-healing “mesh” network.



RCM-4 Relay Control Module

The RCM-4 is equipped with four individually addressable relays. Built-in Ethernet enables the convenience of control from an RTI XP series control processor via the LAN. An IR input allows the RCM-4 to be triggered from many different sources, including RTI in-wall controllers, control processors or third-party infrared repeater systems. Commands trigger open and close functions as well as adjustable hold times for momentary relay operation. The RCM-4 can be powered from the included power supply or PoE.


IPE-4 IR Port Expander

The IPE-4 IR Port Expander provides convenient expansion of infrared signal distribution when used with RTI control processors. It has one infrared signal input (3.5mm jack) and four emitter output ports that allow the connection of up to four single or dual infrared emitters.


ESC-2 Ethernet to Serial Converter

The ESC-2 Ethernet to Serial Converter provides a convenient way to add two
RS-232 ports to an RTI XP series control processor. Wire the ESC-2 to the local Ethernet network with standard cat-5 cable and it will offer full two-way control, as if the device was wired directly to the control processor. Two built-in RJ-45 jacks and the included RJ-45 to DB9 adapters allow efficient cat5 cabling between the ESC-2 and the device being controlled.* This allows full RS-232 control virtually anywhere there is access to an Ethernet network connection.

IR Pro

IR-PRO Professional Infrared Capture System

The IR-PRO is an infrared code capture system that is specifically designed for system integration professionals.Unlike the capture hardware available in universal “learning” remote controls, the IR-PRO incorporates a much more robust and sophisticated circuit design. This, combined with RTI’s proprietary software algorithms, allows the IR-PRO to reliable capture almost any infrared code regardless of code format, frequency, output strength, battery condition, alignment position, location of infrared emitter, etc. Because RTI’s remote control products are sold only through professional installers/programmers, and never directly to consumers, it is our philosophy to not incorporate programming capability directly into our products. Instead, we are committed to providing our dealers with the hardware and software tools that allow them to create re-usable programming databases and templates in the most efficient and reliable way possible.

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